The Actual Bond Girl In 'Bond 22'


I mentioned earlier that Gemma Arterton will be the new Bond girl – true to only a certain degree. See, Gemma will indeed be in the new James Bond flick, now just provisionally titled ‘Bond 22’ (although rumors are flying that the title will be simply ‘007’, which is appropriate considering that ‘Bond 22’ will be the turning of Bond into a true ‘00’ agent.) Gemma will only play a side role as a field agent beside Bond.

The lead Bond girl in 'Bond 22' will be in fact – Olga Kurylenko. Who??? Yes, not that well known except for a starring role beside Timothy Olyphant in the recently not-so-great movie adaptation of the popular game ‘Hitman’.

Olga (don’t you just love Bond girl names? Olga just makes me go ga-ga) is a Ukrainian model-turned-actress that started her movie career in France, starring in movies like ‘L'Annulaire’ which won her an award for her good performance by the Brooklyn International Film Festival and later starred opposite Elijah Wood in the recently splendid movie ‘Paris, je t’aime’.

Olga will be united with major cast members like Daniel Craig, Jeffrey Wright, Judi Dench, and Mathieu Amalric, playing the main villain.

She can a sweet lil’ darlin’ of a lady, but what is captivating about her is that, at times of great need, she can turn on the nastiness and be this:

Oh my. Can’t wait. Just can’t wait….

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