A Star Is Trekking This Way Soon

I thought this might interest those Trekkies out there. As all Trekkies would have already known, there will be a new 'Star Trek' movie coming out in December 2008, directed by JJ Abrams of the Alias, MI3 and Cloverfield (producer) fame. Starring Zachary Quinto from ‘Heroes’ as a young Spock and Chris Pine as a James T. Kirk from ‘Princess Diaries 2’, this upcoming ‘Star Trek’ version will spotlight on the crew’s earlier adventures, before the crew even boarded the famed starship ‘Enterprise’. Little information is known at the moment, as the producers are all tight-lipped about the plot, heck, even an official teaser has not been shown yet. However, it is widely rumored that the star actors from the original series will appear in this version, in some form or manner. Hhhmmm, interesting…Anyway, the official teaser will only appear in-front of the upcoming movie ‘Cloverfield’, also by JJ Abrams, on the January 18th and will go online 3 days later. Meanwhile, to satisfy the already salivating fans of ‘Star Trek’, here’s a little fake teaser I found on ‘Youtube’ that had me convinced. Yes, it is a fake teaser, but one hell of a good fake teaser. Just hearing that Nimoy’s voice just helps convince me on anything really. Check it out below:

And here's first official teaser poster:

And followed by this:

I'm sure more kick-ass posters will appear soon as the release date draws near. Stay tuned...

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