Sweet Like Chocolate

If you like action movies, then I’m sure you have seen (or should have seen) ‘Ong Bak’ and ‘The Protector’ which are Thai productions that feature some of the most kick-ass and in-your-face action sequences since Jackie Chan first beat-up his first bad guy on screen. Now, the director of those two Thai action wonder films, Mr. Prachya Pinkaew, is ready to unleash further thumping Thai action with his latest sweetly named but explosive follow-up, ‘Chocolate’. However, Tony Jaa, the action guy in the previous movies, will not feature this time around. But after you watch the trailer below, he will not be missed, I’m sure.

What is impressive in the ‘Chocolate’ trailer is that is it slightly different from the usual trailers you see out there nowadays. Remember those Jackie Chan movies right at the end, when they show the audience all the failed stunts and we see how the actors whine in agony after a stunt has gone wrong? Well, Mr. Prachya decided to ‘Ohhh’ and ‘Ahhhh’ us waaaaaayyy before the movie has ended, and some of the stunts-gone-wrong clips are included right into the trailer. How can you not love the guy? Watch on:

So my question is, where's the chocolate? Hhmmmm...

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