Iron Man in Full Flight !!!

A new movie clip of the upcoming ‘Iron Man’ movie starring Robert Downey Jr. had surfaced and OMG, I think this movie is gonna kick-ass. It shows Tony Stark aka 'Iron Man' testing out his new iron suit in full aerial flight. BUT, as usual with Hollywood these days, whenever movies initially seem to be cool, it screws as up big-time with the actual movie and leaves us with a pile of shit in front of our faces for us to ponder (i.e. ‘Cloverfield’). Check it out anyway:

Here are some happy snappy snaps from the actual movie. Sure looks pretty, hope the final product rocks….


JJzai said...

i am waiting for this!
May ar May,
come fast!!!!

Raymond said...

OMG!!! me too!!! but not only Iron Man, got so many movies i'm waiting forrrrr, i.e. Indiana Jones, Speed Racer (by the Matrix guys), The Hulk (mmore action this time!! HULK SMASHH!!!), Wall.E (Pixar cartoons are always good!!) and many many leehhh...i think this year's movies are gonna be a cool blast!!! Definately fast fast come!!!

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