Farewell & Goodbye, Sony...

Weekend of 2nd & 3rd February

Friday, 1st February 2008.

The highlight of this weekend was definitely my departure from my current company Sony, and I will be joining Schlumberger at the end of next month. Better pay, better position, better benefits, with new laptop, new hand-phone and free phone-line, so why not? My dear Sony colleagues organized a farewell lunch for me and gave me a Sony bag too, so I guess have to say a BIG THANK YOU for being my colleagues and most importantly my friends at Sony!!!!

To return the favor, I bought them a whole cake from 'Secret Recipe' and shared with them. 'Apple Crumble Cheese Cake' was the flavour and I guess buying them a cake was the least I could do. I hope it was enough!!



I’ll post some photos of the lunch soon, as I seriously got no time now as I’ll be ‘balik kampung’ very soon and will be there for a week!!! So, no time for blogging as I’ll be too busy visiting relatives, eating, taking ‘ang pow’ and of course, ‘mahjong’!!!! WISH ME LUCK FOR THIS YEAR YEAHH!!!!

Sunday, 3rd February 2008.

Went to the ‘KL Word 5’s’ at Stadium Negara, it is a ‘futsal’ tournament (i.e. in door football with 5 a-side teams fighting against each other with quite similar rules to football), and watched Argentina Vs. Brazil. This is the closest that I ever got to see these 2 football giants fight against each other, so I was so happy I was there. I was hoping it will be a close match, but Brazil being Brazil, they trashed Argentina 4-0 instead. These guys are really born with balls at their feet, man. How else can you explain their dominance in football? But it was enjoyable anyway, with superb football skills on show and the crowd was brilliant as well. No regrets!!! It cost be RM15 but really, I think it was worth it 'cause to see the skills in person is so much different to watching it on TV. Again, no regrets!!!

Brazil's devastating movements made the difference: Brazil 4 - Argentina 0


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