Riding On The Wave of Retro

Whoa, the craze for all things Retro seems to be not letting up, from successful re-makes of Transformers, to the up-coming big-budget G.I. Joe movie (yes, it’s in development. Shock Horror Terror) and more re-makes of a re-make (a new Street Fighter movie is in the works too. Oh joy), now comes a re-package of an iconic TV series from the 80’s that most guys and some gals will definitely remember, and has loved ‘till this very day: they are re-making ‘Knight Rider’. All 80's kids out there rejoice!!!

Yup. The sweet talking, bad-ass kicking and loyal automotive friend to David Hasselhoff will be back to entertain our senses in Feb of 2008, not in cinemas unfortunately but only as a TV movie. Hopefully we can catch it on Astro. David Hasselhoff will not be back, (unfortunately or fortunately for some) and will be replaced by a new character that will helm the super-cool car, an American TV star namely Justin Bruening, playing the lead role as Mike Tracer.

As for the car, K.I.T.T. which stands for ‘Knight Industries Three Thousand’ (the original 80s series is Two Thousand) will re-packaged with a modern and up-to-date look. Originally a ‘Pontiac Firebird Trans Am’, now it will be a ‘Ford Mustang’. During filming, 3 cars were actually used: ‘K.I.T.T Hero’, using a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR as the everyday car, ‘K.I.T.T. Attack’, using the same model but different car with specialized aero-kits attached to it for ass kicking purposes and last but not least, a ‘K.I.T.T. Remote’ which is a remote control version of another Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR.

Will Arnett (playing the character of George Oscar Bluth II in ‘Arrested Development) will take over the reins as the iconic voice of K.I.T.T.

So, expect some serious and crazy crime-fighting with the help of K.I.T.T. that can hack into any computer system, change color and shape-shift (apparently due to nanotechnology) and can fire missiles and bullets from any possible hole you can think of from a car. And it talks, of course, with precise logic, strategize and with unlimited knowledge of all things unknown in this world.

This car will rival Bumblebee as every boy’s automotive wet-dream.

1983: Remember this?

2008: It is now this!

Check out the iconic laser-beams right here!!!

Ahhhhhhhh yes. Don't you just feel all nostalgic right now? To pump up your nostalgia ever more, here's a video montage to pay tribute to the only crime-fighter on 4 wheels!!! (and listen to the music, the classic tune, gowd it's...just...so...freakin'...COOL!!!!

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