Hulk 2 Smash!!!

Remember the ‘Hulk’ movie way back in 2003 by Ang Lee? I disliked it because it was way too drama and not enough action in it. I mean, it’s the Hulk rite: he should do more smashing and less of trash talking. Well, it seems that the good folks at Hollywood sensed this need for more smashing, and ‘Hulk 2’ is well on its way. Just over the weekend in Harlem USA, an epic action scene from the movie was being filmed and the scene has stuff exploding, cars flying and people running. Apparently the scene involves either the ‘Hulk’ or ‘Abomination’, or both, laying waste to everything in sight, and for me it’s a glorious sight indeed. Admire the carnage below:

Explosion scene:

Chaos in the streets:

Filming of people running:

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