The Swedish Invasion (Part 1)

The weekend of 7th & 8th July
The Swedish contingent a.k.a. Swedish cousins (plus one illegal immigrant from Australia, but we’ll consider him as Swedish for simplicity sake) invaded our Malaysian shores and they strictly demanded fun times while at Malaysia. Well, since most of the Malaysian cousins are working now (me and TW) and one more having exams, fun times are frankly quite hard to come by these days. It wasn’t the same as last time when all of us were free from the constraints of work and studies, so those times are sadly gone. But, we try to make the best of the precious times we have and throughout the weeks here, we went from cinemas to shopping malls to Ipoh to strip clubs and bong joints (2 of these places are fake. Guess which, duh). The Swedish contingent are still here, probably until the end of the month (except for the illegal Australian, he left last week). But anyway, here’s the low-down of the activities so far, in no particular order:

Nando's @ Sunway Pyramid

Had Nando’s at Sunway Pyramid to celebrate abit on Vivi’s birthday. Took some pictures outside Pyramid, and here’s the line-up for the Swedish and Malaysian Contingent:

Lining up the illegal immigrants, ready for deportation.

Yummy, not @ Nando's Sunway

Transformers @ IMAX Theatre, BTS

The next day we went to Times Square to watch Transformers on an IMAX theatre (coz most of the Swedes haven’t seen it yet). I was the latest to arrive due to work, but I bought the best ticket among them bwwaaahahahaha. The rest of them had side seats and I had a middle seat. To be fair, one of them suggested we have a lucky draw to see who gets the middle seat, but, naaaaaaaahhh. Screw morals and screw fairness, it’s the freakin’ ‘Transformers’. I’ll smack an old lady for freakin’ ‘Transformers’ dammit!!! As for the movie on IMAX, all I can say is that it’s HUGE. So huge in fact, everything seems distorted and I was like watching a tennis match as my head was turning left and right just to see the screen in its entirety. And during the scene where Bumblebee ‘lubricates’ on the Sector 7 guy, that ‘pipe’ of Bumblebee’s sure is impressive. It will haunt my nightmares forever. Anyway, here’s a few snapshots I took secretly under the cloak of darkness:

Bumblebee. I want him as my pet...

Optimus Prime. I want him as my father...

Man Vs. Machines. I want to be that soldier...
The Loft @ Asian Heritage Row

The horniest of the 2 Swedish Contingents, Jason and Daryl demanded we all go clubbing and feast on the offerings of KL night life. I suggested a few places to romp, but they decided on the Loft so went there, opened a bottle of Smirnoff and went crazy until 3am. Well, not that crazy ‘cause the place is kinda crappy nowadays, full of parasites feeding on the rich and lots of snobbish pricks. Sigh, there were crazier nights. God I miss them.

Sportsplanet @ Ipoh

We all went back to Ipoh to attend a very special dinner to mark the 100th birthday of my grandpa, but we (me and the couzies) decided to play futsal in the afternoon. It sounded like a very good idea at that time but things slowly turned sour as the futsal match progressed. I knew the dinner was merely hours away so I intentionally played the game at a slow pace and did not bother to run around the futsal court like a mad chicken on steroids. Ok, I admit there’s some laziness involved somewhere but mainly was I playing it cool. The Swedish contingent however must have mistaken this for the World Cup Finals and they rocked the court with energy and goals. Without proper warm-ups, they are just waiting to get injured, I thought. But I was wrong, it wasn’t them that got injured but instead it was our very own Malaysian version of Peter Crouch: Philip Crouchan. I did not see what had happened but I guess he was attempting to do Crouchy’s trademark scissors kick but instead of slicing the ball into the net, he sliced on a puddle of water on the court and immediately he was awarded the ‘Footballer of the Year’. He twisted his ankle, but initially it seemed like a minor injury. So we stopped the game and later went for food. He was all cool with the injury, drinking cold water (which I heard an injured person should not do) and putting his injured leg up on a chair, chillin’ like nothing had happened. But from the moment he got up from his chair, he was nothing like Peter Crouch but instead more like Michael Owen with his twisted knee. He was wobbling and from a small problem now turned into a big dilemma (and shit, I mean big). Check out the injury below:

Before: left leg. After: Right leg. Looks like an alien egg about to explode...

No way will this go well with the parents and no way is he going home without seeing the doctor. Took him to the doc and throughout the dinner later that night, I bet he was on Cloud 9 with the painkillers.

As for the dinner, here’s some highlights of the night:

Me and relatives with Grandpa. Happy 100th birthday Grandpa!!!

Me and family. Grandpa is about to collapse already ... hang in there Grandpa!!!

Me and Grandpa. Look at his hands!!! Enjoying a pleasure not felt since 1969? Wakaka !!!

Thats' it for part 1....

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