The Hamsap Ghost

Weekend of 12th May ~ 13th May


A super slow weekend as SL went to Chengmai and most friends disappeared without a trace. Spent the day sleeping, playing PS2 and chitchatting on MSN. At night, went out with V, LE & A for a free movie at 1 Utama. Watched a Thai movie called ‘Spirit of the Victim’, which is just as long winded as Spider-Man 3. Good god, spare me already, what have I done to deserve this? *sob*

In this movie, The ghost just would not go away, it just keeps bugging everyone again and again, I think really, this ghost is a pesky ghost, or a ‘pat por’ ghost that just likes to sneak up on a person, to see what this person is going, where is he/she is going, and until this ghost gets bored with this person, then only it starts killing this person. This ghost really knows how to torture people. Because of this, I started wondering: there’s so many ghost, for example scary ghost, killing ghost, ghost that makes a lot of noise etc. I was thinking, how come there’s no hamsap ghost? Why can’t there be a ghost that hamsap a person before killing that person? Or a hamsap ghost that visits a person every day and night, maybe because the ghost is lonely? Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing a ghost like that hahaha…then I would be very tired and no power to work at office...but nevermind, since this hamsap ghost choose me, then have to follow, right anot? So have to obey lor…hamsap ghost hamsap ghost….


Woke up at 12:30pm, took a shower, lunched with family and waited for SL to touch down at KL-LCT back from Chengmai. She took the bus to Subang Parade instead (so good of her!) and I picked her up there. We makan-makan with V at ‘Kiwi Express’ near Taipan 2, and it had the most mouth-watering Cordon Blue burger I’ve ever tasted. Sinful, delightful and packed with evilness, I wouldn’t mind going to hell for this….*yummmm* After dinner, sent SL back to her place and it ended at that.

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