Britney Spears IS the Virgin Mary !!!

The Virgin Mary & Starbucks.

In one of the wackiest news flying around the net, this one beats the ball off the park by a freakin’ mile. Check this: Britney “Parent-of-the-Year” Spears is rumored to be cast as THE Virgin Mary. Sweet baby Jesus, can this be for real??? According to ‘Fox News’, it is. French director, Philippe Rebboah is reportedly to start filming a satire aptly called “Sweet Baby Jesus” and revolves around a 19-year-old girl giving birth on Christmas Eve in Bethlehem, Maryland. Of course, she is unsure of the baby’s paternity and gossip spreads that the baby is the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. Sounds like my college ex-girlfriend to me.

I mean honestly, this is so crazy. If I ever tell this story to a church nun, she would slap me silly and toss holy water at me while shouting “I’ll cast you out, you devilish unclean spirit!!!” I love you too, sister.

Looks like the anti-Harry Potter/Golden Compass groups got a new target to bash. Amen to that.


Crayn Tay said...

HELLO RAYMOND~~你好。很久不见了。我自己搬家了。所以没办法上网。很少很少时间可以上网到你的部落个留言。



Raymond said...

wahh ~~~ you moved? to where o? too bad i can't really read your blog well, coz i dun really know chinese.

anyway, my life is ok ups and downs...

hope to hear from u more often!!!

take care!!

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