The 2007 Christmas Journey

Merry Christmas!!! How was your Christmas weekend? Hopefully it was fantastic, as Christmas should be a time of giving, receiving (the best part!) and joy with family and friends. If Christmas was a lonely silent Christmas for you, well, I guess everyone goes through that at some point in their lives (I had so many lonesome boring Christmases, it’s just sad to mention it here). But this year it was one hectic, traffic-jammed and people-sandwiched Christmas, but a fun one nonetheless.

Friday, 21st December.

Came back from work (through massive traffic jams) but immediately went out to accompany a friend to search for a Christmas present. It was for his gal, so he was undecided in what to give her: ring, necklace, bracelet, yaddi-yaddi-yadda etc etc etc were already given as presents in past celebrations, so what was next? I suggested kinky stuff. His face immediately lit up. I asked him if she would be somehow offended. His reply was: “It’s been too long. She better shut her face hole and open up others!” I though, how romantic. So, to really not offend her, we went to ‘Xixili’ instead of ‘I Need House’ (which was his 1st choice, and one point, the ONLY choice. You should thank me loads, J.) Anyway, both of us walked in shyly in a ‘Xixili’ shop and got some sly smiles from a few people there, probably thinking that we were gay. I thought straight away, “Oh crap, I shouldn’t have come along. I know what, I’ll walk out instead.” But as I turned to face the door, my friend shouted right out for me. And everyone was now staring. Shit. I can’t turn back now. He then asked if a certain lingerie would be “adequate”. I replied that if your meaning of “adequate” means if the lingerie is sexy enough, then you should ask yourself whether it’s turning you on.

Friend: “Sexy enough?”
Me: “You feeling hard right now?”
Friend: “Hell yeah.”
Me: “Then Christmas will come early this year.”

On Christmas Eve night, I texted him to check on the ‘outcome’ of his present. He replied 10 minutes later saying “f**king busy”.

Merry Christmas to J and K!!!

Saturday, 22nd December.

Woke up early to do some last minute shopping for myself (mainly) and for SL. I knew what to get for myself and managed to get most of the stuff that I wanted. But as for SL, she hinted earlier that she wanted a MP3 player, an iPod perhaps, or something that is easy to upload songs and play them with a touch of a button. Fair enough, I’ll scour the KL terrains for that MP3 player for you (sounding so MAN!!).

With a stroke of good luck, I heard Sony was having this demo unit sales clearance at ‘The Curve’. I immediately went there and asked the sales guy if there are any MP3 players for clearance. Yes was the reply and the outcome was a quick purchase of what I think is a pretty good deal: RM100 for the EW-N010 model in black, with no damages to the goods except that the box was torn in a few places. All accessories were intact, even the sticker protecting the screen was still there. Goody!!! Original price was RM 199. Check it out below:

I got what I wanted and I had to rush to KL to fetch SL for a concert in Bukit Jalil. Yup, it was the ‘NTV7’ free concert featuring a few good Chinese star singers like David Tao, Stef Sun, Vic Chow, Grasshoppers, Nicholas Teo, Penny Tai and many more. I managed to get VIP tickets (after queuing up for them for almost 2 hours at Berjaya Times Square, covered up in heat and sweat). Arrived there early but we didn’t stand anywhere near the stage because the crowd was too intense, with all the pushing, heat and sweat, we thought that this concert was not worth the suffering so we moved somewhere at the side of the stage. It was so windy, less crowds and the view was good enough. So stayed at the spot throughout the night.

The concert started off with Nicholas Teo belting out his latest songs, and continued with other lesser known singers but were still impressive, especially Stella Chung, Anthony Chong and Penny Tai. Of course, the main reason why we were there was to see David Tao and Stephanie Sun in action, and what a moment it was for all the fans out there that night that stood on 2 legs, and some even with 1 leg (!) for more than 3 hours. David Tao came out first, singing 3 of his classics songs and the wonderful surprise came when David introduced Stephanie Sun to the stage they both belted a duet, singing ‘Hey Jude’ to the mad delight of fans that night. I think it was the first time that the two superstars sang together, and we the Malaysian fans were the lucky ones to enjoy it live on stage. With Stephanie’s sweet clear voice coupled with David’s vibrant and deep tones, it gave the audience a performance to remember and a duet that was a first in Chinese Pop history.

The concert ended at roughly midnight, we left place feeling satisfied and enjoyed a nice pre-Christmas present for the fans of Chinese music.

Sunday, 23rd December.

Feeling so exhausted from the mad rush of last-minute shopping and the tiring concert that had me standing for more than 3 hours, I bummed around the house for much of the day until a friend called at 8:00pm telling me to go for a swim at his apartment. Sure no prob I replied, since the day was so hot. Wearing only my shorts, slippers and singlet (the very uncle type) to his apartment, I called him up upon arrival but he mentioned he got some stuff to settle first so he asked if I can come up to his place first. Fine, no probs again I thought. I rang the bell and as it opened, SURPRISE!!! It was a Christmas party. Everyone was all in nice shirts and pants but for me it was shorts and singlet. How macho. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one as 2 more friends fell victim to the prank. Hi M and T!!! The victims flexed whatever small muscles that we have and compared whose stomach fats were more impressive for the rest of the night. Merry Christmas to organizers of the party!!!

Later, went out to SS15 (with proper attire of course) and met up with some old secondary school classmates and talked cock as usual until the wee hours of the morning. Merry Christmas to them too!!!

Monday, 24th December.

It’s Christmas Eve and of course, a dinner with family is a must. The family, me, and SL went to ‘The Curve’ for ribs and steaks at ‘Tony Roma’s’, but not without a waiting list of about a hundred people (ok ok, maybe not that much, around 10). So we had to wait for about an hour for our seats. Since my dad likes ribs so we were determined to wait and get those ribs. If not, he will be ribbing out ribs from ‘Tony Roma’ staffs like the Predator on steroids. So, ribs it is. To curb our hunger, I took them to ‘Big Apple Doughnuts’ and whacked in a dozen of them. Had a small argument on which was better, ‘JCO’ or ‘Big Apple’ (JCO rox!!!). Then went around ‘The Curve’ to snap some pictures and it was time to head back for the ribs.

They only offered set menus that day, which I think was quite unfair to the customers. We were more or less ‘forced’ to order the ‘Xmas Platter’ which consisted of fried chickens, fried unions, vegetables and the lot. Mind you, my family can’t eat that much as they are small eaters, so it was all down to me (Daddy Predator was saving his stomach for the ribs). I was completely full by the time my ribs came, so I didn’t really enjoy the ribs. Some of my portions went to Daddy Predator. The set came with ‘Xmas pudding’ too, which was in fact just a simple fruit cake. The whole set per person was RM 79.90 minus the drinks. Even though it was abit on the high side, it was not really about the price but the fact that the regular menu was not available and only the ‘Xmas menu’ was the only choice, I felt ripped-off from ‘Tony Roma’s’. A Christmas scam I thought, designed to make the most money from the unbeknownst Christmas crowd. All I can say is: shame on you ‘Tony Roma’s’!!!! I loved you man, how could you!!! Now you are just a money-milking corporate entity just like Starbucks!!! BOOOOO!!!!

The bill came out to be RM 364.55 in total for 4 pax, after a 10% discount that I had. And they were profit-satisfied enough to write a big ‘Thank You’ on the receipt. How nice. How appropriate, in fact. Merry Christmas to you too, ‘Tony Roma’s’!!!

After dinner, my family didn’t want to go back so early as they were still in the Christmas mood. I suggested to hang around outside ‘Cineleisure’ and watch the count-down from there, with all the sprays of fun and joy all around us. The idea was immediately shot down. Crap. So we went to watch ‘National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets’ instead (I suggested watching ‘Aliens Vs. Predator 2’, it would be appropriate for Daddy Predator to visit his relatives. But Daddy Predator gave a bad grunt of disapproval. Probably it is alien household politics. So, it’s ‘National Treasure 2’ then.

The show was 11:00pm so I celebrated the Christmas countdown inside the cinema haha. It was a first time for me, counting down inside a cinema. It was cool actually, at the stroke of midnight, you can see a lot of people’s handphones inside the cinema lighting up, just like twinkling stars hovering in a sea of darkness. Merry Christmas to all the people sharing the Christmas countdown inside that cinema (Hall 6)!!!

Went back home at round 2:00am and after showering and all that, I finally gave the MP3 player as a Christmas present to SL. I think she was nicely surprised as previously, I kept saying to her that the trip to Pangkor on New Year’s Eve will be her Christmas present. As she opened the present, her eyes lighted up abit and yes, the surprised worked! Thank God!!!

Now it was my turn. She gave me a plastic bag and asked me to open it. I wasn’t expecting much really, considering that she has loads to pay financially. I opened the bag and found a ‘Manchester United’ cap, which was very nice since I’m a die-hard ‘Man Utd’ fan. I was already satisfied with the present. But then she asked me to go down stairs and get a bag for her which she forgot to bring up. I obliged of course. And then she took a box out form that bag and she said ‘open it’. I opened it, and to my surprise, it was the gift that I was craving for since I laid my senses on it: it was ‘Calvin Klein’s Eternity Summer’ fragrance. With its clean, slightly floral but with hints of fruity and citrus scent, it is a refreshing fragrance that can really make someone run tip-toe in a bush of flowers by the sea. In a manly way of course. It was the prefect gift for a perfect Christmas.

Thank you very much and love you loads SL!!! And Merry Christmas to anyone that has ‘Eternity Summer’ as your Christmas present!!! Ho Ho HO!!!!

Tuesday, 25th December.

Christmas day was spent mostly at home, with family and relatives. But I spent most of my time spraying ‘Eternity Summer’ all over me, and at one point I was literally hopping all over the place like a mad school girl in a field of flowers. But only for a while, really. At about 3:00pm, me and SL decided to go to Sunway Pyramid for a drink and window-shopping but the jam was so immense we called off the idea. Went to Taipan’s ‘Leo’s Café’ instead and chit chatted until dinner time. SL left after dinner and with that, it ends the long Christmas weekend that I really enjoyed and that had a fantastic blast with friends, family and loved ones. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!


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