Happy Hallowe'en!!!

Happy Halloween!!! Even though I would LOVE to celebrate Halloween today, I can’t ‘cause of work, work, and work. And whatever free time that I may have today, well, I think I should take it to rest. ‘Cause my squeaking carcass of a body ain’t the same like before. Now that’s a scary thought for this Halloween. But I was just wondering, how the heck did this cool festivity come about and why in God’s sweet name are we celebrating pumpkin cannibalism and demonizing small innocent children? Here’s a gist about Halloween from Wikipedia:

"The term Halloween (and its alternative rendering Hallowe'en) is shortened from All-hallow-even, as it is the eve of "All Hallows' Day", also which is now known as All Saints' Day. It was a day of religious festivities in various northern European Pagan traditions, until Popes Gregory III and Gregory IV moved the old Christian feast of All Saints' Day from May 13 to November 1. In the ninth century, the Church measured the day as starting at sunset, in accordance with the Florentine calendar. Although All Saints' Day is now considered to occur one day after Halloween, the two holidays were, at that time, celebrated on the same day. Liturgically, the Church traditionally celebrated that day as the Vigil of All Saints, and, until 1970, a day of fasting as well. Like other vigils, it was celebrated on the previous day if it fell on a Sunday, although secular celebrations of the holiday remained on the 31st. The Vigil was suppressed in 1955, but was later restored in the post-Vatican II calendar. Many European cultural traditions, in particular Celtic cultures, hold that Halloween is one of the liminal times of the year when spirits can make contact with the physical world, and when magic is most potent (according to, for example, Catalan mythology about witches and Irish tales of the Sídhe).”

Whoaaaaa. That was intense. Just kinda scared that a real ghost pops out and shit goes out the window. Anyway, for those of you with Halloween costumes or masks, very wicked of you to have them. But for those of you that do not, well, be afraid not, ‘cause I just got the quick-fire solution for you: printable masks!!! Yes, no costume, no matter as long as you are covered with a mask of Freddy Kruger. Just attach some kitchen knifes to your hand and wear a red/green striped sweater and your are all set to make mash potato with the shit left behind by freaked out kids using your kitchen knives. I'm kidding, I'm just in the mood ;) Anyway, check out the masks with the below links:

Of Being an Official 'Red Devil'


Weekend of 27th & 28th October

What a weekend for football. In England, Arsenal was playing at Liverpool which Arsene Wenger’s men should have won hands down if not for 2 open goal misses. Over a relatively short distance away in Italy, AC Milan was having a go at Roma which the Roman’s won 1-0 even though they can afford to miss a penalty. In Spain, Sevilla entertained the bewildered players from Valencia, and the fate of Valencia’s manager hanged in the balance as only victory would guarantee Mr. Quique Sanchez Flores’ job for another week. Valencia duly lost 3-0, thus dramatically dropping the axe on Mr. Flores. And in Germany, Bayern Munich was at the throats of Dortmund’s industrious players, but the superstars of Munich can only muster a draw. But for me, the pinnacle of my weekend football euphoria was not at the plains of Spain or the sunny coasts of Italy. No, it was in Malaysia. No, it was not even close to any football field in Malaysia. It was in fact, closer than any distance measurable. It was close to my skin. So close in fact, it drapes around my upper body like a flag of pride, joy and glory. If you still have no idea what I'm talking about, i'm talking about the latest football jersey from one of the greatest club in the world: Manchester United. Yes, I bought United’s latest home jersey. What?! Have I gone bonkers spending close to RM 300 bucks on a shirt? No, in fact I haven’t gone bonkers or suffered a pang of Britain’s latest mad cow disease. Why I bought it is because a friend of mine is working at AIA in the Bukit Jalil offices, and AIA being the main sponsor of Man United, they can get the jerseys for a reduced price of RM 150, without buying any con-job insurance. Being relatively cheaper than the market price at the moment, and the jersey being flown direct from UK, I was assured a low price and guaranteed originality. Balancing the pros and cons, I took the offer and eventually the jersey feel onto my hands last Sunday. Thanks very much to L.E. for the offer and very special delivery (me and L.E. were suppose to meet up with friends and hand over the jersey to me, but apparently L.E. forgot to bring it and L.E. went all the way back home to get. God bless her. Amen). At long last, we shall behold below the images that is the pride and joy of my wardrobe:
Front View: The 'Red Devils' badge. I'm now an official Devil!
Back View: The white stripes of MUFC.

Withdrawn Frontal View: AIG = Alex Is God?

But the jersey would not be complete without the names and numbers of my favorite players, would it? I’ve thought long and hard about which player I should print on the back of the jersey. And in true honesty, I’m still thinking about it haha. Because I still can’t decide. Should I put Ryan Giggs, one of my all time favorite player and a legend at Mand Utd? But I already have his name printed on my old Man Utd jersey. So, should I put Christiano Ronaldo, one of the best tricksters and attacking player in the current squad? But his name is so common, anyone can catch his name from Petaling Street to Pavillion. What about Nani instead? He is labeled the upcoming Christiano Ronaldo. But, his future may yet be uncertain. But a tempting choice would be Carlos Tevez. Now, I like him as a player: he is fast, smart, skillful and is never dull to watch. In other words, Tevez is a world class player with world class footballing ethics (i.e. he doesn’t do diving). Tempting, tempting!!! And yet, there is still Rooney, Scholes, Hargreaves, Vidic & Anderson to ponder on. So much to ponder, and only 1 jersey to print on. Dammit!!! Anyway, i think, with 80 % probability, that the name I will print on my jersey would be....drum roll please....Carlos Alberto Tevez. Yes, he beats Giggs and Scholes to it as he holds a sentimental place in my heart, partly because whenever I play my Ps2 game 'Pro Evo Soccer' I just keep on scoring with him. And during his West Ham, Boca Junior and World Cup matches he never fails to excite my football tastebuds. He is a top player with flair, panache and goals as a player. Thus I think he is the right choice to grace the back of my Man Utd jersey. Agree or disagree? Thoughts and comments would help, guys and gals. Anyway, here's a snapshot of what Carlos Tevez and his number would look like if my intentions succeed:


Weekend of 20th & 21st October

The highlight of the weekend is the dinner at this fantastic but simple restaurant in Puchong (opposite Giant). It’s called ‘Syabu Syabu’ and it serves, well, syabu syabu. For RM25 bucks it is all you can eat and yes, it is definitely worth it (if you are a major eater like me). They serve nothing really outstanding but what they lack, they make it up with variety as the conveyer belt just keep on churning out dish after dish of fish balls, meat balls, lobster balls, crab balls, every freakin’ balls you can think of it is there (except for the 2 balls in between your legs. Guys I mean). Besides balls, there’s baby octopus, spring rolls, tofu, quail eggs, slices of fish, slices of chicken, etc etc etc and on and on and on. Need I say more? Besides, the soup base they provide is delicious, i.e. it is clear and not too much MSG. They also provide good chili and soy sauce mixed with fried onions (good combo) in abundance, so chili sauce lovers not need worry. As for the drinks, it was however lacking in variety as I noticed they only serve green tea, orange juice and Ribena ice sludge (which is tastier than it sounds).

All in all, definitely worth the suffering of an over-bloated stomach from too much eating and may I warn you that the crowd during the weekends is horrendous, i.e. you will have to wait a solid 1 hour on average just to get your seat. So, either you go way early or reserve your seats. But reservations do not work all the time as if the crowd gets way too thick, they drop reservations and it is all ‘first come first served’ basis. However, they do a good job in providing seats as they have the courtesy to call you on your mobile phone if you have wandered to Giant or other shops while waiting the long wait. So, be smart and give them your mobile phone number…

After that fulfilling dinner, went to ‘Maison’ in Asian Heritage Row, KL for a friend’s birthday bash. Did what everyone is supposed to do in a club, mamak abit and left for home at 5am.

Food Glorious Food...

Weekend of 13th & 14th October

Selamat Hari Raya!!! Ok, maybe it is a bit too late since I'm posting this blog so late. But anyway, for the muslim friends, hope you had a great festival and for the non-muslim ones, well, hope you enjoyed the holidays. As for me, what a weekend. No, it was not a crazy weekend of booze, clubbing and rendezvous with totally unknown strangers (this happened only once. Honestly. Ok, maybe twice. That’s it). Nothing crazy as that, but it was a weekend of wild gastronomic intake of logic defying proportions. In other words, I just ate and ate and boy, what else did i do? Just more eating!!! Am i suffering from emotional stress and wanna let it all out by eating? No, ‘cause over the Raya weekend, there was nothing to do but to eat. I mean, clubs were dead, many friends left for holidays over the long weekend, and I had to make the best of whatever i can do to entertain myself. Ok, that may have sounded obscene, but for a growing guy like me, i gotta do what a growing guy gotta do. Which is to eat. So, without much ado i grabbed any friends that i can get over the weekend and went for a gastronomic spurge throughout town. Here we go:

For a typical Chinese guy that i am, early mornings without work is a morning for Dim Sum. Yup, i love Dim Sum and i love it since i was a kid. So, i grabbed a friend that shared this same passion as me and went to this place in Taipan 2 called ‘Onn Kee’. Lemme tell you, this Taipan 2 is turning into a Dim Sum street and people just flock to this street as if they were giving gold for free. First time i was there, there was only 1 shop. The second time, another shop popped open. Then, another. I mean, wow. Anyway, we tried the mentioned shop which is the latest addition to Taipan 2 and it turned out good. The food was good, i think it is better than all the rest at Taipan 2 (i’ve tried all). The ‘har kao’ is scrumptiously fresh, the ‘siew mai’ is just nice (not too meaty) and ‘char siew pau’ had filings in abundance. In short, recommended for the taste, the reasonable price and variety.

Well, onto lunch. And its Dim Sum again. Yup, told you i love Dim Sum. This time went for slightly upper class Dim Sum in Tai Tong, KL. It was in ‘Wisma Selangor Dredging’ along Jalan Ampang. It was more expensive (double the price from Taipan 2 actually) but the quality is much better, the environment is cleaner and much more comfortable. And the taste? Well, slightly better than Taipan 2 but does it justify the double price? Not really. Oh well, nice place to chill and relax but not a place to save on the wallet. But still good food though...

Now it was time for some light past-afternoon snacks. Dropped by at Mid Valley to see what the hoo-ha was with this ‘The Gardens’ thingy, well, not impressed as the car park was severely flooded when i was there and inside the mall itself the roofs were leaking water worse than by grandma’s house. And the walkways that link each side of the shopping mall, well, the glass floor shakes whenever my feet hit the floor and it’s well freaky. And this was on the highest floor. Can anyone say deadlines?

Anyway, back to the food. We went to ‘Zen’ in Mid Valley for the post-afternoon snack which is a clone to ‘Secret Recipe’ as the menu is close to ‘Recipe’ than anything else. I mean, even the price is slightly the same, RM5.50 per slice. But this ‘Zen’ is slightly different than the regular ‘Secret Recipe’ dens as it had an open concept (i.e. the cafe is not inside a shop-lot but in situated in the middle of pedestrian walkways, right outside ‘Pets Wonderland’). Effectively, people walking past can catch a glimpse of what you are wearing that day and see what sinful delights you are gulping down, and with who are you enjoying such joys with. So if you want to be seen and got something to flaunt, then ‘Zen’ is the place but if you got too big a pot belly to hide from the mass public, then stay well clear of this attention grabbing cafe.

After ‘Zen’ we felt thirsty so we wanted some coffee to chitchat while waiting for our movie (Resident Evil 4, which was a bore). Tired of the usual Americanized brews at Starbucks or Coffee Bean, we decided to go anti-American for a moment and we gladly stepped into ‘Vietnam Kitchen’ and ordered their Vietnamese filtered coffee. And what a coffee it was. With a strong aroma and a distinctive taste, it was truly an exotic coffee that in my experience cannot be found at any other coffee shops except Vietnamese ones. For all coffee lovers out there, try it and my god you will love it. A new drug has thus been found, Amen.

Refreshed and aroma-rized from the coffee, we headed for the movie and duly the energy got sapped right out from my body. The movie was lame and a big bore, the action was tame compared to ‘Resident Evil’ 1 and 2. I should have gone for a second viewing of ‘Bourne Ultimatum’ instead...

Anyway, with the feeling of boredom bitten out from us due to the bad movie, we decided to leave Mid Valley and head off in search of something less western or anything less classy. Chicken rice was being thrown around for deliberation, and chicken rice it was and what place to eat it then the famous Jalan Pudu ‘Fei Por’ chicken rice. People by the droves come here to enjoy chicken rice that is to my opinion, the closest to Ipoh Chicken Rice than anywhere else. ‘Kar Heong’ in Subang comes close too, but this one is better. The chicken is tender and most importantly, the sauce is perfect. You would have to experience it to believe it.

After a big chicky dinner, i headed back to Subang for the England vs. Estonia game at a mamak stall. Extremely boring game, so me and my friends abandoned the match at halftime and went to SS2’s Murni’s for some sinful cheese nan that is served with condensed milk. Sweet and tasty, it was a perfect supper and was accompanied by a glass of hot teh tarik kurang manis. It was a perfect night cap and duly headed back home for some rest, as i think my stomach really needed it...


Woke up super late, didn't do much and hanged around the house for much of the day. I woke up so late, (i think 4pm gua), it was soon time for dinner and again, went out for makan makan. This time went all the way down to Ampang for the ever famous 'Yong Tao Foo' and it was has tasty as ever:

So little food to eat? Nah, this is just starters!!!

After dinner went back to Subang and a few friends call for a game of pool and we played non-stop until 3am. Tired, broke and smelly from the cigarette smoke, went back home took a fast shower and that was pretty much it for the day. Hope your weekend was great too and may happy times continue!!!

A 'Bourne' Classic: The Ultimate Film for the Spy Genre

At last, a trilogy that actually did not disappoint. Compared to the bombastic grandeur of summer trilogies on offer this year, the ‘Bourne Ultimatum’, the third film in the trilogy based on Robert Ludlum’s famous anti-bond character Jason Bourne, offered audiences a gust of fresh air. It presented audiences a piece of modern cinema that was rare to see this year, and what a piece it was. Crafted with pure perfect pacing and thrills, the ‘Bourne Ultimatum’ is not ‘James Bond’ with the latest Jaguar car or Ethan Hunt with his latest gadgets that makes him fly from the ‘Mission Impossible’ movies. No, ‘Bourne Ultimatum’ provides action with intense realism, much more down to Earth scenarios and characters, and that makes audience feel more involved and attached.

Heighten this realism with pin-point velocity and editing from the helm of director Paul Greengrass, the ‘Bourne’ experience lets you breathe for a moment and chokes you with excitement at just the right moments, let’s you go again for sufficient gulps of air, and chokes you again with the next action scene. This experience is consistent throughout the film from Moscow to New York, and it is wonderfully put together to form a complete action piece that is truly thrilling and stylish.

Stylish in a sense that it is not flamboyant, i.e. no casinos or fancy cars, but the camerawork crafted by Paul Greengrass made ordinary objects and common action pieces become extraordinary. Paul shot the movie scenes mostly at street level and he successfully managed to encapsulate intense suspense and sheer adrenaline in each camera frame. The realism is magnified by the use the shaky-camera effect (although nauseating at times), but that effect effectively placed audiences virtually right next to Jason Bourne, and that realism as mentioned is achieved. Stylish and realistic, the action scenes are in no doubt in my mind, pure class.

Albeit the plot is thin like an average TV episode of ‘24’, the film turned out so well and that is a testament to the skills of Paul Greengrass. Paul, also the director of the second film ‘Bourne Supremacy’, which arguably started the ‘realism’ wave in action movies (i.e. Casino Royale), truly created a film from an ordinary substance into a film of pure masterwork in editing, pacing and directing of an action movie. If this momentum of excellence continues, it wouldn’t be long before his name will be elevated alongside with master action directors such as John Woo and Michael Bay.

Although substance in plot maybe lacking, but whatever Paul Greengrass has on his plate, he makes the most of it. He churns out ordinary situations into something that is smart, demands your attention and never makes it corny. The scene to look out for is Jason Bourne’s pursuit of a contact under enemy surveillance set amid the bedlam of people at Waterloo Train Station. It starts as an ordinary pursue on foot to reach Bourne’s contact for information, but it evolves into a chase to avoid enemy capture of the said contact, and it reaches into a drawn out pursuit of thrilling mis-direction and clever evasion tactics that eventually forms an exceptionally thrilling action sequence. It must be seen to be believed, for no words can truly describe the design that Paul Greengrass had crafted with such pulsating finesse.

But to credit everything to the director would be somewhat an injustice. Fine performances from its supporting casts Joan Allen and David Strathairn that puts them both in confrontations of political power plays with each gives the film an interesting subplot, and not forgetting the lead actors Matt Damon and Julia Stiles giving performances that are solid, believable and as good as ever. In particularly sublime form is Matt Damon, having mastered the character’s low-key but ruthless approach down to a fine art.
People may say that ‘Bourne Ultimatum’ will be the last in the series, whether true or not, this third installment can confidently stand as the best and deservingly justified as a final chapter to the ‘Bourne’ legacy. In my mind it is the best and most refreshing spy/secret agent movie thus far, and will confidently re-invigorate the spy genre to new intensities yet again.

Verdict: 9 / 10

Reviewed by: Raymond Choy

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Tell me about it!!!

Of Evilness & Greatness

Weekend of 6th & 7th October

I finally got my PS2 back. It has finally returned after many many many long months being locked up with the evil dark lord known only as the ‘The Technician’. After being cannibalized and probed with various tools of torture daily, my PS2 is finally free from the imprisonment of the evil ‘Lord Technician’ and now it sits safely in my living room once again.

I talk like as though the PS2 was stolen from me by the ‘He-Is-Only-Known-As-The-Technician’ but in fact I am the one that sent it to him for repairs (it broke as posted in my earlier blog. Yes, it has been that long). I got it back on Friday, and to bail it out from the clutches of ‘The Technician’ it cost me RM250. F**k. I got to pay him for his “service and maintenance” expertise, and to replace a few faulty parts, which I doubt it is even faulty in the first place. The evil ‘Lord Technician’ strikes once again. And, I am helpless to stop him. Curses to him and he be damned. Reluctantly, I give him the bail out money and safely I deposited my PS2 back.

Yes, reluctantly because am I was wondering why I am paying money for an old game console as I can save that money and buy a brand spanking new PS3? To be honest I have no idea haha. But on another hand I guess the temptation to play my PS2 once again is too intense so what the heck. All I can say is, Carlo Tevez is back is roam the digital football fields once again (I scored 9 goals in a World Cup Tournament in ‘Top Player’ difficulty mode controlling that guy, so yes, I freakin’ adore him. Heck no, I LOVE him). Here’s a taste of the real man himself:

Yes, he is on the verge of greatness. One day. But not now...

Anyway, so I called up a friend on Friday night to test out the console, played from 10pm to 2am and it worked perfectly. Hallelujah, and there goes my social life out the window.


Didn’t go out much as I was grappling with my PS2 for much of the day. Didn’t turn up for work either haha, but it a Saturday and it’s not compulsory to work so what the heck, f**k work and I’ll deal with it on Monday.

Saturday night attended a dinner to celebrate a close aunty of mine’s birthday at Equatorial Hotel, KL. Nice place, nice looking restaurant but bad food. As usual with these hotel restaurants. Oh well. Here’s some pictures:

The food is so good, they offer you 2 pairs of chopsticks. Go on, try it!!!

Good evening sir, smoking or non-smoking?

I'll take 2 bottles of that Chteau La Mondotte Saint-Emilion, please. What? RM 2,000 per bottle??? Ok, let's go to 'Old Town Kopitiam' instead...


Woke up way early ‘cause have to meet up with a bunch of friends that worked/still working at my current company. Have to drive all the way to Kajang, as the place to meet up was at Kajang Metropoint. Don’t be fooled by the name as this new shopping complex is quite up-class with stuff and restaurants that you can get in any Mid Valley or 1 U. We had lunch in 'Shokudo' (bad food) and later for coffee at 'Old Town Kopitiam' (better than that rip-off 'Starbucks' anyday). Chitchatted and took some pictures. But somebody promised me to upload the pictures in my Friendster account. But yet, no sign of pictures from this somebody. Where is it Mr/Ms. somebody? Hhhmmmm….?

Later have to rush from Kajang to KLCC for a movie with SL. Yup, from Subang to Kajang and then to KL, and later go back to Subang. Total distance that day: 116 km. It’s half way back to Ipoh already. PK from petrol cost man. But anyway, we watched this great movie called ‘Bourne Ultimatum’ and it was a kick-ass piece of movie-making masterwork. I’ll post what I thought about it later, but the bottom-line is, it is the best Borne movie ever and is the most excellent movie I have seen this year. Truly an intense, breath-taking and most realistic action movie ever made and it beats any secret agent movies by a wide margin. 'Casino Royale' did not even come close to this great film of fine movie-making craftsmanship. Paul Greengrass the director, I adore you.

After almost 2 hours of electric action in the cinema seat, we wanted to clam our nerves so we ingested some hot green tea and sashimi at 'Nippon Tei'. Chitchatted for more than 2 hours and headed back to Subang.

Halfway driving, I received a call from a friend that it was Liverpool playing with Spurs. Crap, it should be a great game I thought. Hence, agreed with the caller for a drink at a mamak stall, later joined by more friends, watched Liverpool snatch a draw with Spurs right at the death of the match and watch Martin Jol, the manager of Spurs, suffer even more agony with another draw and that result sealed them at the bottom of the league table for many more weeks to come. I pity Paul Robinson.

Night at the Sahara

Wow, I was so busy I actually had no time to write about what I did these past few weeks. Anyway, here what’s happened 2 weekends ago. We celebrated the birthday of a friend that is called "the uncle", "the german", & sometimes "the gunner", but I call him a good friend. He is mature-minded (hence "the uncle"), he speaks in a tongue sometimes we do not understand (so, he is "the German") and he is a crazily loyal Arsenal fan (that's why "the Gunner"). But whatever he is, he is a good friend to me and to many of us, so the good people that are friends with him decided to celebrate his Big Day to mark his progress in age and to certify him as an official uncle. But the problem was, we did not know what to do or where to go until the very last minute (haha, sorry uncle) but thanks to Prasad, he suggested to dine in a place more foreign and exotic, to a place far from the normal dining fare of steaks, Italian or Chinese. We went to the Sahara. Yes, being the billionaires that we are, we chartered a flight to the Sahara just for the night and splashed the cash for champagne fantasies and caviar dreams.

Actually, it's just next to Jalan Bukit Bintang. Yup. But anyway, the place was called the "Sahara Tent" and the food was unique (Arabian food), the atmosphere was cheery (Prasad, Sue, Val, Lorraine , Siew Ling and me joined in) and the drinks were truly "refreshing". When I say refreshing I really mean 'jolts from the thunders of Thor' refreshing because I had the Arabian Coffee and the Tea, and good God, the taste of the coffee and tea was so full of flavor, it was as though they were liquid kicks in the teeth from the hind-legs of an Arabian horse. In other words, they were hot liquid lavas of flavor. Good delicious God. But in my opinion, I would not indulge on it on a weekly basis, thank you very much.

Anyway, after the food, coffee and tea (and Prasad had the shisha) there was a little surprise for our birthday boy. No, it was not a belly dancin’ Shakira (very sadly), but it was a repertoire of cakes for all of us to choose and indulge!!! 7 slices of different cakes with 7 candles for 7 different people. Nice icing for a happy night out. But to make it a surprise, that was a bit difficult. Val, Prasad and I had to distract Uncle while the cakes were being taken out from the fridge, put into a tray and serve to him while he is facing away from us, otherwise there’s no surprise. Luckily, things worked out and a feast of cake-swapping in hi-speed mode ensued and the cakes were gone (mostly thanks to Val with her sugar sweet appetite).

After the dinner, we wanted to sing 'K' but most places were full or had a waiting list, so we skipped the idea and went to a mamak stall instead with Uncle, Val, and Prasad in SS15 Subang. Watched Man Utd beat Birmingham and chit-chatted until 3am and adjourned for dreamland after that.

Hulk 2 Smash!!!

Remember the ‘Hulk’ movie way back in 2003 by Ang Lee? I disliked it because it was way too drama and not enough action in it. I mean, it’s the Hulk rite: he should do more smashing and less of trash talking. Well, it seems that the good folks at Hollywood sensed this need for more smashing, and ‘Hulk 2’ is well on its way. Just over the weekend in Harlem USA, an epic action scene from the movie was being filmed and the scene has stuff exploding, cars flying and people running. Apparently the scene involves either the ‘Hulk’ or ‘Abomination’, or both, laying waste to everything in sight, and for me it’s a glorious sight indeed. Admire the carnage below:

Explosion scene:

Chaos in the streets:

Filming of people running:

Coke and Me...

Whoaaa!!! You know, I always liked Coke (and I mean the soda. The other one’s another story). I always had a fondness for Coke since a kid so, as a tribute to my childhood love, here’s a compilation of stuff that you can do with coke. And here’s one of my favorite. Take a bottle of coke (the plastic ones would be best) and add some dry ice into it. Wait a minute or so and then let your inner demons take over:

Dry Ice - Awesome video clips here

Here’s another one I tried as a kid, but somehow it didn’t really work for me. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? Well, apparently you can start a fire with a Coke can. Can this be true? I tried it and didn’t work but maybe you can do better. Check it out and try it (but always use caution!!!) FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!

How To Create Fire From A Soda Can! - The funniest videos clips are here

And this is how you cheat coke machines. Well, the video shows American machines but I used to cheat Coke machines using almost the same principles (insert coins, choose drink, insert your hand into the hole where cans are dispensed, grab whole of can before it reaches hole, machine thinks can is jammed, machine refunds coins, withdraw hand with grabbed coke can, take refunded coins and enjoy free coke). Too bad those machine are gone, ‘cause I think they know about this. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Anyway, here’s how the American’s do it…

Tricking Coke Machines: The 2 For 1 - Click here for more blooper videos

Now this below I didn’t not do. I mean I tried the mixing diet coke with mentos thingy (and it works). But I did not try shooting it like a sniper from Counter-Strike. Anyway, this guy did just that and I just love the sound of that boooooooooom……

BOOM! - The best bloopers are here

Speaking of mixing of diet coke with mentos, I tried it a long time ago and it really sizzles and pops. All I can say is that diet coke and mentos is the rocket fuel for our future. Who needs oil???

Mentos & Diet Coke ROCKET MISSILE - The most popular videos are here

Coke with mentos. Don’t be a fool like him:

Coke And Mentos In The Face !!! - More bloopers are a click away

And finally, a little trick that gets rid of the exploding gas whenever you have either dropped it or shaken it. It could save your life from the gas exploding in your face and prevents melting your eyeballs. But anyway, it will work if you tap it correctly enough. Give it a try:

AMAZING CAN TRICK - Click here for the funniest movie of the week

From the Corner - A Musical Companion

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