Johnny Bravo Rambo

Oooo, some friend of mine hooked me up with some photos of the upcoming Rambo movie, called simply 'Johnny Rambo'. It's basically set in Burma and its Burmese army is ruthlessly killing its locals for whatever reason we yet not know. So, our Johnny hero here goes all the way to Burma to wipe clean the bad guys and save the day. Starring Rambo as himself and directed by Sylvester Stallone, I just can't wait for this blockbuster. Seriously. It's gonna beat the shit out of 'Transformers'. Seriously. Check out the photos below and you will know what I mean:

Rambo playing in his backyard. He must be really lonely.

Rambo's retirement plan: fishing.

Rambo's retirement plan #2: road-side snake shows. Kids are gonna love him.

Darn, maybe 2000 push-ups a day is too much for an old man like Rambo.

An innocent man forced to watch Rambo III. Twice. Oh, the horror.

A very angry version of Michael Jackson.

Peekaboo! Rambo playing hide-and-seek with the kids. How sweet.

So, this is how he looks like constipated. Hmm, actually that's how he always looks.

Rambo showing his best milking technique. He says its the best way to milk anything. I believe him.

Rambo to Man: "Hey there, wanna wanna watch Rambo III with me?"

Horrified Man thinking to himself: "I'm more scared of the movie than you!"


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