The Itchy Fingers

I guess you'll be wondering why my Blogg hasn't been updated in a HUGE while. Well, lets just say its been a chemistry of travels, work, computer glitches and plain olde laziness. In addition, i've been giving my Blogg a little face-lifts here and there, i.e. i've added a chatbox, search engine and hitbox to name a few. Why? Coz i just had the itchy fingers recently, but i didn't want to revamp the entire thing though. Too lazy kekeke.

Anyways, in the coming days when my itchy fingers start to heal, i'll update my Blogg to the latest possible. It's a GARGANTUAN gap, so i'm planning to only highlight my most memorable moments from the yester-weeks thats gone by. Hope i remember what i did in those weeks though....

But enough said already, God speed Bloggers!!


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