Happy CNY Everyone~~~~

Weekend of 3rd & 4th Feb / Weekend of 10th & 11th Feb

Well, I have absolutely no idea what I did in these 2 weekends coz I’ve not been updating my blog lately and couple this with the long CNY holidays which I just got back from, my mind is completely blank. Oh well, so far I don’t remember any significant happenings in these 2 blank weekends so I’ll assume its been another fantabiloso days of my life J. Next!!!!

CNY Holidays 16th Feb ~ 21st Feb.

GONG XI FATT CHAI!!! Yes of course, it’s the days of being merry with family members and greedy with gambling buddies. From the 1st moment I arrived in Ipoh I literally went straight from my car to a mahjong table. I was involved in ‘3 ka’ and ‘4 ka’ sessions (‘3 ka’ means 3 person per table and ‘4 ka’ is 4 persons per table, both with different rules).

If this mahjong session is an omen of my fortunes for my days to come this year, then I’m shitting and pissing in my pants both at the same time because I’ve lost RM50 in like 1 hour (3 ka). Being the superstitious person that I am, I went for a quick bath and a scrub with leaves from god knows what plant (my mum says it’s for good luck), a quick change of clothes (a change of unddies was a must), and a quick shot of Ipoh White Coffee, I dived straight back into the whirlwind of mahjong madness.

The result for my superstitious actions was quick and ruthless: I lost another RM100 in half an hour.

Well, all I can say is Gong Xi Fatt Chai indeed to all my mahjong kakis sharing my table.

Overall, it was a much slower and quieter CNY than previous years. Probably it’s because of the fireworks ban. But the ‘feel’ was not there and me and my cousins whaled away the CNY time by playing mahjong from morning till night and night will morning (for 2 straight nights we ended at 6AM). Overall I’ve lost just RM20 only as the last few days I was suddenly possessed by the God of Gamblers (Mr. Chow Sing Chi himself) and won must of my losses back. In the end the big winner was Ms. California herself Ms. Marisa. She ‘pau’ the table for so many times I’ve lost count and her cards were so damn good I swear she is cheating somehow!! I SWEAR!! When I get some proof Ms. California then you’ll die!! Ok la, not so drama and maybe I’m a sore loser. But I’m still pissed at her. I’LL GET MY REVENGE MS. CALIFORNIA, THE TABLE WILL BE SPINNING LIKE A DEMON POSSESSED AND ALL YOUR MONEY WILL BE MINEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cough*.

Weekend of 24th ~ 25th Feb.


After getting back from Ipoh, I was still in the CNY mood so I started to arrange another session of mahjong with my KL buddies. But alas, only 1 friend was interested, so we started on Blackjack.

In ½ hour I lost RM50. Maybe I’m not a good gambler I thought I was…

So analyzing the trend here, I quickly halted proceeding and kicked my friend away for the night before he wins somemore. HAHA!! Ok, that was mean but I had no choice, he was kicking my silly broke @$$. Enough was enough, I went to watch ‘Ghost Rider’ with another friend instead. After the movie, I think I preferred to lose my money to my Blackjack friend instead than to this silly movie. I’ve never seen any movie that is so bad and lousy, it’s almost like a joke. Rest In Pieces Nicholas Cage!!! I once liked you man, what happened to you??? Damn you Hollywood for destroying all my comic book heroes!!!!


After office and a ‘noon nap, I went to The Curve with SL and enjoyed the Man Utd Vs Fulham game at the Laundry, and had Italian food called ‘fotolio de amaggio’ or something like that. Ok ok, I made that name up, the dish did not sound anything like that. But it was good; it had spaghetti in tomato sauce with 2 big chucks of chicken topped in mozzarella cheese. It sounded simple but the taste was exquisite. SL had some fish dish which I thought was just as nice.

Man Utd won 2-1 thanks to a superb individual goal from the main man himself Mr. Chris Ronaldo.

After the match and dinner, we proceeded to watch ‘Dreamgirls’ at Cineleisure. Well, this movie is not great but I have a few pointers:


1.) Jennifer Hudson will win Oscar’s ‘Best Supporting Actress’ hands down.
2.) Eddie Murphy was splendid in a drama role. Good to see him get all serious than to see him in a plastic suit all the time (i.e. ‘Norbit’ & ‘The Nutty Professor’). Although my bet is that he will NOT win Oscar’s ‘Best Supporting Actor’.
3.) Gave the audience a reflection of the music industry; the politics of it all, the corruption and the money. But also showed friendship, determination and inter-dependence between characters.


1.) There’s too many songs thrown at you and at a force that is too quick and unfeeling that you can’t digest it all. In the end, my feeling is that all the songs sounded quite the same and did not add any value to the movie whatsoever.
2.) Beyonce was disappointing, and also Jamie Foxx. Too flat performances, with no effort and drama. I expected more from Jamie Foxx after his performance in ‘Ray’.
3.) Overall, ‘Chicago’ and even ‘Moulin Rouge’ were better than ‘Dreamgirls’ in my opinion. ‘Chicago’ was classy with their songs and dance; ‘Moulin Rouge’ was daring with its somewhat over-the-top but fresh MTV concept towards a musical. But to me, ‘Dreamgirls’ was ordinary with the exception of Jennifer Hudson’s screamingly fantastic show and the movie’s perspective into Motown’s music scene.

Movie ended at 3AM, went back home and watched Real Madrid Vs. Athletico Madrid on telly ;)


Woke up at ‘noon, watched Desperate Housewives on telly and went out with SL & TK to Taipan’s ‘Old Town Kopitiam’ for coffee and kaya bread. Delicious!! ;p

After a long discussion, we went to Paris for dinner. No, not with candle lights in France but only in SS2 and ordered the usual ‘Kam Heong Lala’, Champagne Chicken, ‘Belacan Kangkung’ and ‘Chew Pai Tofu’. We stuffed ourselves silly, adjourned at 9PM.

As the night was still young me and TK went to a mamak stall to watch the League Cup Final between Chelsea Vs Arsenal, while SL and V went back home. I thought Arsenal was gonna nick the cup after they got ahead 1-0 but experience played a greater part that night over the young Arsenal players and eventually won 2-1 instead. More silverware for Chelsea again. Damn you Jose!!! Oh well, Man Utd is 9 points clear!!! BBWWAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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