Another Izzi Weekend

Weekend of 1st Feb ~ 4th Feb

Well due to the Thaipusam festivities most of Malaysians had a longer than usual weekend as the celebrations was held on Thursday, and I being my lazy self took Friday off hence the extended weekend!!


After work we celebrated my colleague’s farewell from Sony thus we booked a room at Neway Cheras to sing ‘K’ and be happy happy. It was mostly the younger generation of Sony so it was kinda fun and sang and screamed until the ‘K’ machine ‘hang kei’. A short while later it was ok and continued on the screaming (well I was the one screaming anyway, the rest was actually singing) and left at approximately 11pm. Oh and by the way, right outside Neway, Joey Yong from HK was having her showcase, thus I had a glimpse of her. She looked great and the crowd welcomed her with full aplomb.


AhhHHhhhh~~~the beginning of a long weekend is always the best time of the holiday. The feeling of knowing that the day of re-starting work is far away is truly comforting and assuring. It’s almost like the feeling of being a kid again whereby all things are being taken care of by your parents and all I need to do is be trouble-free and happy. That’s why I LOVE Saturdays and HATE Sundays. I hate Sundays because I dread the fact that the next day is a working day and I feel so pressured to do and enjoy as much as possible in one day while psychologically hear the clock ticking away slowly towards the inevitable gloom of dooms-day Monday. Tick tock of the clock towards the trepidation of the office flock, how I wish I can block my mind from this cursed pre-workday mental lock.

But what the heck, it’s the beginning of a 4 day long break so lets start my own festivities as I do not celebrate Thaipusam. On Thursday me and SL went up to Genting as we got hold of this fantastic promotion by Genting whereby they gave us a room to overnight PLUS 2 out-door theme park tickets for a measly RM 50 bucks!! The 2 out-door theme park tickets alone already cost RM 60, so the room is virtually free. Heck of a good deal if you ask me!!

So we left KL at around 1pm from Pasarakyat bus station (at Imbi) and checked in around 3pm. Went immediately for a quick lunch at McD’s and promptly proceeded to the theme park as it was getting late and we do not want to waste a single sen of the ticket even though it was free. It was the usual Genting rides but all in all we romped through rides like:

i.) Cyclone – 1 ride (still a good ride even all these years)

ii.) Runaway Mine Train – 1 ride (with SL and nearly ran-away half way through the ride)

iii.) Solero Shot – 1 ride (do they still call it Solero Shot? I don’t remember but still a good shot in the arm filled with the wonder of height and the terror of plunging flight)

iv.) Corkscrew – 3 times (I just LOVE this ride, the first drop after the long climb up is just the most exhilarating sensation compared to the rides. What a good screw to the senses)

v.) Dinosaurland (I think that’s the name) – 1 ride (why didn’t they just call it bore-land)

vi.) Paddle boat – 1 ride (yup, the classic boat paddling ride. As though my legs were not weak enough from all the other rides, I have to paddling through the entire Genting swamp (I mean lake).

Well, we finished at 7pm (closing time) and headed for dinner at Kopitiam. Had Claypot Chicken (RM 8 bucks for 1 pot. They should have just called it “Money Got? Then Pay up for the Pot since ‘no more other choice lahhhh you Got!!’ ”. *Sigh* Uncle Lim, Uncle Lim.

Went jalan-jalan after dinner and went back to the hotel room at around 10pm.


Simple day whereby I woke-up, showered, checked-out, lunched at KFC and departed down to KL. Reached KL around 4pm, hanged around at SL’s house and as the day was still early, we and SL’s mum decided to head to the near-by pasar malam and I bought Gary Chou’s newest album (pirated lah, sorry ahh Mr. Gary!!) Nice album, but not as good as his previous album. This guy I tell can really sing. His voice is very distinctive with pleasing hints of harshness and a full range of melody which makes his songs a delightful brew of ear-pleasing tunes coupled with a voice that easily bridges his emotions to you. All of the local artist out there, Gary is the best singer by far.


Dread and frustration overwhelmed me as duty called. Hence, I have to leave the comforts of my humble home to the troubles of the office. Worked full day, departed at 5:40pm. Left for home as I was tired, thus had dinner with my parents. Nothing significant happened and went out yamca with S to watch Chelsea Vs Charlton. Chelsea of course won thanks to the Charlton defense which welcomed Frank Lampard to a target practice session hence he scored the goal that won the match. Damn you Charlton.


Another slow day as I woke up at around 12pm and watched CSI on TV until 2pm and promptly left to Ampang to yamca with SL. I suggested to try out the big ‘Old Town Kopitiam’ near Cheras Leisure Mall, but SL said it was packed with people therefore we de-toured to a nearer ‘Old Town Kopitiam’ in Pandan Indah. Ordered a good cup of White Coffee and bread to talk ‘kok’ until dinner time.

We absolutely had no idea what to eat as we were kinda bored with all the food joints in Pandan Indah. We decided to have Korea BBQ, but after calling a few of SL’s friends we abandoned that idea to dine at Izzi Restaurant AGAIN which makes it 2 weekends in a row already at Izzi. No matter, the Citibank 60% offer was too tempting thus me, SL, L and her boyfriend ordered Hainan Chicken Rice (for SL which was a bad choice haha), I had Pizza Tropicalle and L had steak with spaghetti (I think its spaghetti anyway!!) and her boyfriend had vegetarian Lasagna. After dinner we bumped into more friends but decided to depart and call it a day and thus ended the loooong weekend that was another Izzi weekend.


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